5 tips to help project manage outsourced software development

If your company is outsourcing work to an external team, it can throw a spanner in the works for traditional project management practices. Here are some tips to get you by. 1) Go Agile The Agile methodology is something which gets thrown about a lot and it’s true that it’s …

3 ways to scale development and IT operations in small businesses

There frequently comes a time when a business glances at its tiny dev operations and realises that it’s just not cutting it. Nowadays businesses have so many opportunities in the digital space, from consumer apps, customer/technical support channels, all the way to internal systems and tools. And yet, despite the advantages these …

How to choose and use keywords for iOS App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Sometimes you’ll find yourself unable to breakthrough on the iOS App Store. It happens. No sweat. If you can’t remedy the situation with a big expensive marketing push it might be worth looking into more natural growth. That’s where App Store Optimisation (ASO) comes in, the most cost-effective way of acquiring downloads. And if you weren’t aware already, the largest part of ASO is using the right keywords.

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